Ming Yang has launched the an 11 MW hybrid drive offshore wind turbine

The wind turbine’s rotor diameter is 203 metres, to enable a 31% higher annual energy production than its predecessor.

The wind turbine’s 99 metre-long carbon-glass hybrid blades provide a swept area of 32,365 square metres, equivalent to the same surface area as five standard football fields.

Ming Yang will install a prototype in 2021 and will make the wind turbine commercially available in 2022.

The wind turbine’s shorter, more compact structure can reduce loads applied to the drivetrain, while the medium speed gearbox is similar in structure to aeroengine gearboxes.

The design also provides protection within the nacelle against corrosion caused by salt in the ocean air.

At the end of the first quarter of 2020, MingYang’s orders had reached 15.23GW, of which hybrid drive wind turbines accounted for about 92%.

Ming Yang recently established a regional business and engineering cent

MingYang has recently established a business and engineering centre in Hamburg, Germany, with an aim to introduce its latest offshore wind turbine products into the European market.

The Chinese wind turbine manufacturer said that it was motivated by the growth of the offshore wind power market in Europe, and that with its new centre it also wants to deepen the technical and commercial cooperation with its European partners.

“It is believed that with the technology originated from Europe and a strong global supply chain, MingYang could provide a competitive solution and a lower LCoE for the European offshore wind market”, MingYang stated.

In addition, MingYang has joined several international wind organizations such as OREAC, WFO and GWEC, focused on global development of offshore wind.