Wind energy in Brazil, BNDES approves R$208 million financing for wind farm

The National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) announced the approval of financing in the amount of R $ 208 million for the implementation of the Ventos de Santa Martina 14 wind farm, in the municipalities of Caiçara do Rio do Vento and Riachuelo, in Rio Grande do Norte. According to the institution, the financial support stimulates the diversification of the Brazilian energy matrix through a clean and renewable source.

The wind farm belongs to the Casa dos Ventos group, considered one of the largest investors in the development of wind power projects in Brazil, and will be one of eight wind farms located in the Rio do Vento Wind Complex, currently under construction. The group also develops solar power generation projects in the states of Piauí, Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte, Paraíba, Pernambuco and Bahia.

The financing will be granted to the special purpose company (SPE) Ventos de Santa Sofia Energias Renováveis ??S.A. and has the prospect of generating more than 200 jobs during and after the conclusion of the wind power project, considering only the financed wind farm. It is estimated that 1,500 jobs will be created during the implementation of the entire complex that spans three municipalities in the state, with a total installed capacity of 504 megawatts (MW).

BNDES will finance the implementation works and the acquisition of national equipment. The forecast is that the Ventos de Santa Martina 14 wind farm will start commercial operation in a year, adding 63 megawatts to the complex’s total capacity.

Last March, BNDES signed a contract with Engie Brasil in the amount of R $ 2.7 billion. The funds will be used to implement a wind complex in Bahia. The Campo Largo Wind Farm – Phase 2, to be installed in the Bahian municipalities of Umburanas and Sento Sé, will generate enough energy to serve 850 thousand households.