Wind power is a win for all

Gage County has an opportunity to participate in another clean renewable wind generation field. A new 1 mile setback from a residence property line from the current 3/8’s mile ruling is in question and up for vote. 42% of all of Iowa’s power is generated by wind as opposed to 40% by coal.

Iowa’s property tax relief is significant. I have talked to local Iowans and farmers are exited with their lease income, the general public is extremely happy with the increased tax revenues, construction workers and power company operators are happy with their new jobs.

As a Nebraska property tax payer in Lancaster & Gage County we could certainly use tax relief! I have stood underneath operating wind turbines having experienced minimal noise, not even mentionable. Talking to realtors all have said that land values are not affected at all. Property consumed with these turbines is usually less than an acre because these turbines are usually placed close to public roadways. The power plant/generator on top typically has a 20 year life span and the pedestals for 60 year which allows for 3 generator exchanges pushing the overall life to around 60 years.

The new proposed 1 mile setback from a residence property line compared to the current 3/8 mile setback is ridiculous. This proposal would eliminate most wind generation fields. If we don’t do our part with renewable energy then when? A mere stroke of a pen from the House and Senate ending coal production and the widely used coal fired power plants would end.

The phrase “I’m in favor of this but not in my back yard” is simply selfish. Let’s leave the current setback ruling of 3/8 of a mile as is and enjoy some welcome tax relief!!

Marvin Leners, Lincoln