Wind power in Cuba, wind farm with Goldwind wind turbines

The works of the La Herradura 1 wind farm are progressing in the eastern province of Las Tunas as part of the national strategy of increasingly using wind energy.

According to newspaper 26, of that territory, the eve of the founding of base number 20, of the 22 planned wind turbines for the current stage of construction, was completed.

It is the largest investment of its kind on the island, stated engineer Adela Àlvarez, in charge of the work.

The first 22 wind turbines will contribute some 33 megawatt to the national energy network, explained the expert.

Each base for these wind turbines consumes 367 cubic meters of high-quality concrete and 40 tons of steel at its foundry to achieve excellent resistance parameters.

The execution is carried out in the midst of the pandemic by Covid-19, in response to which hygienic sanitary measures are maintained for the safety and protection of workers, the source said.

The Herradura 1 and 2 wind farms investment project is carried out with the Chinese group Goldwind.