Spain sets sights on 22 GW of new wind energy by 2030

The Spanish government is targeting over 2 GW of annual wind energy installations out to 2030 as part of its new 10-year plan for renewables.

Madrid has submitted its National Energy & Climate Plan (NECP) to the EU and wants renewables to account for 42% of the country’s energy mix and generate 74% of its electricity by the start of the next decade.

Part of the plans will see yearly additions of 2.2GW in new wind power capcity.

All EU member states are required to submit 2030 plans, which will set growth targets for clean energy.

“Spain has long been a leader in renewables: wind turbines is 20% of their electricity and they create more export revenues from wind energy than from wine. It’s great to see they’re now planning a significant further expansion of renewables,” Wind Europe chief executive Giles Dickson said.

“The level of ambition and visibility sends a clear signal to investors and will be good for jobs and growth. It makes Spain a frontrunner in the EU Green Deal. Five other EU Member States still haven’t finalised their NECPs yet. They should find inspiration in the excellent Spanish example,” he added.

Spain has included proposals to modify the 10-year plan if needed, as public consultations on the proposals were derailed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dickson said he was hopeful Spain will not dial-back its ambitions as the long-term economic impacts of the virus are felt.

“Covid-19 mustn’t undermine our common efforts to tackle climate change. On the contrary, the Green Deal is the best route out of current crisis … and wind will play a central role: its shovel-ready, cheap to build and supports lots of jobs,” he added.

Spain currently has 25.7GW of installed capacity onshore wind power and was Europe’s leading market for onshore wind energy last year, adding new projects totalling just over 1.6 GW.