Record of wind power in Argentina

Renewable energies reached a capacity of 2004 MW (over an installed park of more than 2700 MW) and supplied 12% of the Argentine Interconnection System (SADI). The monthly energy generated in December 2019 had been 912.2 gigawatt-hours (GWh) and the almost uninterrupted ascent started in May 2018 continued.

In the last month of last year, clean energies covered 8.2% of the matrix, above the 8% target agreed for December 31 and originally set for 2017. The annual average was 6% participation over the demand, according to data of the Administrative Company of the Wholesale Electricity Market (Cammesa).
In the coming weeks, the Arauco II Wind Farm (PE) will enter commercial operation for 100 MW (with investments from the government of La Rioja and the state-owned Energy Integration Argentina, Ieasa -ex Enarsa-) and PE Energy I, with 79 , 8 MW in Bahía Blanca, built by the American multinational AES.