Boosting wind energy in Euskadi

To give impetus to the development of new projects that contribute to a greater presence of renewable energies in Euskadi is the objective of the Aixeindar society, formed by the energy agency of the Basque Government (Basque Energy Agency) and Iberdrola. His first efforts will focus on analyzing the different possibilities offered by the wind in Euskadi, for the generation of electricity through wind energy.
Presentation of the Aixeindar company
The agreement has been established between the Basque Energy Agency and Iberdrola.

According to data from the Basque Energy Agency, Euskadi has 105 companies that work in the wind sector, which employs 15,000 people and invoices 7,322 million euros annually.

The analysis will be carried out where the essential characteristics are given to be able to develop a new park, that is, a site that offers a wind resource with enough hours a year to be used, accessible and with the possibility of being connected to the network . Some characteristics that in Euskadi, according to the Basque Government, still have a route and must be studied to meet the objectives of the energy transition.

The agreement between the Basque Energy Agency and Iberdrola is a new commitment to a public-private alliance that already in the 80s and 90s served for the implementation of the first wind projects that continue to produce energy today.