Wind energy in Andalusia, Naturgy wind farm

The El Tesorillo wind farm is already a reality. The renewable energy subsidiary of Naturgy has completed the construction works.

The installation has 12 wind turbines with a combined power of 26 megawatts linked to produce up to 84 gigawatts per hour (GWh) per year, which is equivalent to the electricity consumption of more than 33,000 homes. In its launch, the company has allocated 25 million euros and generated about 200 jobs.
The park’s civil works, which include the execution of roads and access tracks, the installation of wind turbines and their electrical connections with the Casares substation, concluded several weeks ago within the planned periods. At present, the wind power park is already in operation in tests at the expense of the official commissioning act. The dates that Naturgy shuffles cover the week of February 17-23.
The infrastructure, about five kilometers from the urban center of Tesorillo, can displace the use of other sources of conventional electricity generation, which contributes to reducing polluting and greenhouse emissions by around 66,000 tons per year. tons of emissions of these gases throughout their useful life, estimated at almost 25 years, as the company variations in a visit to the works last summer.
The Minister of Finance, Industry and Energy of the Junta de Andalucía, Juan Bravo, applied that in Cádiz there are applications for new projects that add an installed capacity of 3,160 MW, according to the report made by the Andalusian Energy Agency. However, the electricity system’s transport network can currently only output 660 MW.
The works established in the summer of 2018 with the replacement of the land, then within the municipality of Jimena. After the segregation of San Martín del Tesorillo, the park has managed to be framed within the 48 square kilometers of surface of the new municipal area and its exploitation will mean income for the treasury municipal coffers.
At the beginning of the project, the City Council of Jimena estimated an impact of 90,000 euros per year in taxes on concepts such as the Special Property Property Tax (BICES), which is paid by the administration for the swamps or other facilities.
The wind farm is part of Naturgy’s 22 projects in Spain to materialize the 667 megawatts of wind power allocated to the company in May 2017. The Naturgy renewable energy subsidiary (formerly Natural Gas) has 70 facilities in nine Spanish communities, with a total power of 1,179 MW. Of these facilities, 86% are wind power plants, 9% mini-hydraulic technology and the remaining 5%, cogeneration and photovoltaic.