Wind Power in Chile, Wind Farm Project in Los Angeles

In the qualification stage is the “Rarinco Wind Farm” project in the Bío Bío Evaluation Service units.

The US $ 280 million wind energy initiative consists of the construction and operation of thirty-six wind turbines for the generation of electricity, which will be located in the commune of Los Angeles, an area that has been transformed into a wind power pole next to Arauco .

Each of the wind turbines has a power of up to 5.5 MW, which together have a total nominal power of 198 MW and a medium voltage power line (33 KV) that connects the wind turbines and that will connect with a substation inside from the same wind farm premises.

The objective of the wind energy project is to produce and inject into the National Electric System an average of 434 GWh per year of non-conventional renewable energy (Ernc), through the use of wind energy, through 36 wind turbines, with a total installed capacity of 198 MW. The initiative entered an Environmental Impact Statement.