New wind turbine installation vessel delivered to Chinese company

A self-elevating wind turbine installation vessel has been delivered Thursday to a subsidiary of China Communications Construction Company.

The vessel, developed by Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., integrates multiple functions such as large equipment hoisting, installation and transportation.

It is 90 meters long and 40.8 meters wide. With a deck area of 2,400 square meters and a variable load of around 3,200 tonnes, the ship can accommodate three six-megawatt wind turbines or two eight-megawatt wind turbines.

High-precision installation can be achieved even under huge waves up to five meters high and during strong gales brought by a super typhoon, its developer said.

Offshore wind farming has picked up steam with more countries installing gigantic turbines in their coastal waters. Wind turbine installation vessels can help overcome difficulties during the construction process.

After the delivery, the vessel will serve China’s offshore wind farms and promote the country’s construction of offshore wind power facilities.