Wind power in DR, commissioning of Los Guzmancito Wind Farm

After 13 years of hard work and with one with a hundred percent Dominican investment, Los Guzmancito Wind Farm was inaugurated, in the community of Guzmancito, in the province of Puerto Plata, in an act that was led by the President of the Republic Dominican, Danilo Medina Sánchez, together with the executives of the companies that make up the Energy Group 23 (GE23).

In its phase one, Los Guzmancito Wind Farm will represent a saving of 14 million dollars a year in the importation of fossil fuels, and once the second phase is completed, it will generate a saving of approximately 30 million dollars per year.

Los Guzmancito Wind Farm is clean energy, without CO2 emissions. Reduction in the consumption of petroleum-derived fuel, reduction of tons of CO2 emission, friendly to the environment, considerable reduction in the cost of electricity, activating the employment and economy of the area and production of one hundred percent Dominican .

Puerto Plata, known worldwide as the bride of the Atlantic and one of the most important tourist poles in the Dominican Republic, is now also the birthplace of energy thanks to the vision of Miguel Feris, Roberto Camino, Ernesto Armenteros, proprietary executives, respectively.

The GE23, which is the result of the union of the plants, LAESA, located in Pimental Castle, Duarte province; The Origins Power Plan, of San Pedro de Macorís and Poseidón Renewable Energy, projects that this wind farm, in its phase one, represents a saving of 14 million dollars a year in the importation of fossil fuels, and completed the second phase, which generate savings of approximately 30 million per year.

However, for this group to carry out a project of these dimensions, it also resulted in a positive impact on the community, since the implementation of this construction comes at a time of drought in Los Guzmancito, perhaps the worst in decades.

The engineer Miguel Feris, informed that with the start-up of the Los Guzmancito Wind Farm he left as a heritage to the community the reconstruction of schools, churches and sports areas.

In this sense, Ernesto Armenteros, stressed that all the inhabitants of the community had work during the entire process of building the park, adding to this the economic revitalization of the area by supporting microentrepreneurs with the purchase of construction materials and others.

For the GE23, the political and social commitment was not enough, its managers also committed themselves to the environment, since for each other cut tree were planted others, in addition to the conservation of the flora and fauna of the area.

Opening Act

After 13 years in the process of documentation and studies of soil, winds, topography of the area and conceptions of land, in 2017 President Danilo Medina would have given the first ‘palazo’ for the construction of this Los Guzmancito Wind Farm , which lit it with the press of a button, to leave it formally inaugurated and functioning, but not before receiving the blessings of God, invoked by Father Ángel Soto.

President Medina, together with Miguel Feris, Roberto Camino, Ernesto Armenteros, accompanied by Ángel Canó, director of the National Energy Commission; Rubén Bichara, Executive Vice President of the Dominican Corporation of State Electric Companies (CDEEE) and Ángel Estévez, Minister of Environment, had the honor of giving the first ‘palazo’ for the second stage of this great project.

Then this, President Medina and the other executives who accompanied him, made a tour to the building complex where the machines and controls of the wind turbines were installed, evidencing the cutting-edge technology with which the wind farm operates.

The opening ceremony was also attended by the mayor of Puerto Plata, Walter Musa Meyreles, businessmen from the hotel sector of the area, the financial sector, community members, military bodies and special guests.

Los Guzmancito Wind Farm: features

Among the most distinctive features of this great project are that the Energy Group 23, in its phase one, did it in record time, with characteristics that make it unique and innovative in the Caribbean region.

This wind farm broke all the Dominican and regional concrete emptying records, has 16 turbines of the most powerful and with greater height than any other park in Central America and the Caribbean, in its phase one will generate 48.3 MW, but that its goal The final is 100 MW.