Wind power in Russia, Rosatom wind farm

The first Rosatom wind energy plant, ready to start generating electricity. The Russian nuclear power corporation Rosatom has finished building its first wind farm in the Russian Republic of Adygea in the Russian Caucasus, which is now ready to start generating electricity.
The 150 megawatt Adigueya wind farm is ready to start work. This is the first 13 wind turbines with an installed capacity of 23.5 megawatts.

The CEO of NovaWind (Rosatom wind power division), Alexandr Korchaguin, said the “wind energy plant project will allow Rosatom to develop a sector as promising as low carbon energy.”
He also commented that there is a lot of work ahead to obtain the necessary permits for the work of the wind power plant and its connection to the wholesale electricity market.
Rosatom sees wind energy as an important part of his non-nuclear projects.
The NovaWind company will need to create until 2023 several wind power plants of 1 gigawatt. The facilities should be built in the Republic of Adygea and in the Stavropol and Rostov regions.