DTEK Renewables intends to build 150 MW wind farm in Zaporizhia Oblast

DTEK Berdiansk Wind Power Plant LLC intends to build a 150 MW wind farm in Berdiansk district of Zaporizhia Oblast, according to the website of the unified register of environmental impact assessment.

According to the report, it is planned to install from 25 to 60 wind turbines with a capacity of 2.5 MW each within the wind power project. The height of the tower is 166 meters, the length of the blade is approximately 80 meters.

In addition, the company plans to build an overhead power line of 110/150 kW (up to 100 km); the central substation DTEK Berdiansk Wind Power Station; up to 120 km of underground cable lines of 35 kW for connecting wind turbines between themselves and the central substation.

DTEK Berdiansk Wind Power Plant LLC is owned by DTEK Renewables (an operating company that manages DTEK’s assets in the field of renewable energy).

In general, in 2019 DTEK Renewables launched projects with a total capacity of 740 MW: Nikopol solar plant of 200 MW and Pokrovska solar plant of 240 MW in Dnipropetrovsk region, Prymorska wind farm of 200 MW and Orlovska wind farm of 100 MW in Zaporizhia oblast. The previously implemented projects are Botiyevska wind farm of 200 MW in Zaporizhia region and Tryfanivska solar power station of 10 MW in Kherson region.