Trump on wind energy: “I’ve studied it more than anyone but I don’t understand any of that”

President Donald Trump renewed his attacks on wind energy at a rally held last Saturday in front of the pro-Trump student organization “Turning Point USA”.

Trump resorted to criticizing wind turbines after speaking ill of the New Green Agreement, the proposal of left-wing Democrats to address climate change and inequality in the US.

Trump argued that wind turbines are “noisy” and “kill birds,” and criticized the fact that many are built outside the United States, “primarily in China and Germany,” according to him.

“I never understood the wind power. You know, I know a lot about wind turbines. I have studied that better than anyone I know. They are very expensive. They are manufactured mainly in China and Germany, very few are manufactured here, almost none. ” said the ultraconservative president.

Trump also described them as a problem for anyone who lives near them: “And if you own a house with vision of some of these monsters, your house loses 50% of the price. They are too loud. ”

The president argued that the wind farm towers are “killing bald eagles in California” and that at the foot of these structures there is a true “bird graveyard.”

While it is true that there are birds that die when flying in wind turbines, according to different studies done in North America there are many more that die when colliding with cell phone and radio towers, or in encounters with cats or other predators.

The American Wind Energy Association argues that while there are carbon emissions during the construction of windmills, most wind energy projects reward their own carbon footprints within six months after the start of operations.

He accused the wind power industry of producing “fumes”, claiming that supposed “vapors” are produced when manufactured. “They are throwing gases into the atmosphere. They know we have a world, right? So, the world is small compared to the universe. A tremendous, tremendous amount of smoke and so on. I am talking about the carbon footprint; those fumes fly through the air, right? They fly! Whether here, in China or in Germany, they go on air. It is our air, its air, everything. ”