Wind energy in Denmark, Siemens Gamesa wind turbines debuts

The first of Siemens Gamesa’s new SG 5.0-132 model of wind turbines will be installed on the island of Thyholm, close to the Limfjorden fjord in Denmark.
The wind turbines will be installed at the Torp Vindmoellepark wind farm, which is the second project in Denmark to be operated without subsidies.

Siemens Gamesa has entered into a contract with Torp Vind I/S for the delivery of three wind turbines of the new SG 5.0-132 model for Torp Vindmoellepark in the municipality of Struer. The three wind turbines will be the first in the world of their kind to be installed. Torp Vindmoellepark will have a total capacity of 15 MW and it will be operated without subsidies.

“We will exchange our three old Bonus wind turbines, each featuring 1 MW, from 1999. They have always worked well and with the high wind we have in this area we expect the new wind turbines to give us good production,” says Carl Lyngs from Torp Vind I/S. The private owners of Torp Vind I/S are local farmers and the support of the local community is extremely important to them. “This wind farm is deeply rooted in the local community and I am very happy for all the positive statements from our neighbours,” he continues.

The installation of Torp Vindmoellepark will begin in late summer of 2020 and the production from the repowering project will be supplied to the grid. Besides delivery and installation of the wind turbines, Siemens Gamesa has also sold a long-term service contract and will take on service and maintenance of the wind farm for the next 25 years.

“We are happy that Torp Vind has renewed our long-standing partnership by choosing our new SG 5.0-132, which is specifically designed for high-wind sites. We have recently introduced this type of wind turbine on the market and are happy that the first order has come from Denmark, as Denmark is one of the markets the product was developed to serve. The order shows that our product helps to secure a positive business case for our customers without public subsidies,” says Mikael Nielsen, Sales Director at Siemens Gamesa.