Replace Andorra’s thermal coal with wind energy, solar and storage

The proposed project for the Andorra coal plant has an investment of more than 1,487 million euros. Of the 1,725 ??MW of renewable energy, 1,585 MW will correspond to what will be the largest solar power plant under construction in Europe, 139 MW will be wind power and the project will have a large-scale storage system of up to 159.3 MW. .

Endesa CEO, José Bogas, today announced in the framework of COP25, in the panel on Just Transition, the details of Andorra’s new project, which he has described as “the only European-level project in innovation and social commitment to the environment ambient”. as a model to create shared value. “The Future Plan for Andorra, a benchmark for good practices in energy transition processes, is an initiative to replace the 1,100 MW of the coal plant located in the province of Teruel , with 1,725 ??MW renewable, plus 160 MW of storage.

Endesa is currently developing Future Plans in the two local environments (Andorra, in Teruel, and Compostilla, in León), in which the company has announced the cessation of the operation of its coal plants. These plans are part of its transformation process towards a model of generation of energy without emissions in 2050, within its commitment to a Just Transition.

For the CEO of Endesa, these are “flexible plans that allow the inclusion of viable initiatives that may arise, to mitigate the impact of the cessation of activity in the areas”. These plans are based on four pillars of action: proactive search for new job opportunities for directly affected personnel, promotion of economic activity and employment (through training courses), training and training to improve employability and sustainability Township.

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, visited Endesa’s stand in Cop25, where she was received by Endesa’s president, Juan Sánchez Calero (photo center) and Endesa’s thin advisor, José Bogas (left. Photo ). During his visit to the Green Zone of COP25, Díaz Ayuso wanted to go through the Endesa stand, where he learned firsthand the company’s commitment to renewable energy in the process of energy transition and in the fight against climate change.

He has also met with concrete projects such as Endesa Forest, to which he has contributed directly by planting a virtual tree that will have its real version in the reforestation that Endesa will carry out in three areas of Teruel.