Governments of Nine Brazilian States Will Meet During WWEC2019 for Expansion of Renewable Sources

Brazil will have, within ten years, the largest 100% renewable region of the world. With 53 million inhabitants, the Northeast region already concentrates 90% of all wind generation of the country and also shows exponential growth in solar energy. The next steps to make the region a great global symbol of renewable energy production will be aligned during the World Wind Energy Conference (WWEC), the annual event of the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA), which will be held for the first time in Brazil, from 25-27 November 2019.

After the cancelation of the UN Climate Change Conference COP25 in Santiago de Chile, WWEC2019 will be the main Latin American event of the year 2019 and focal point for holistic solutions to climate change and sustainable energy supply. 

“Brazil has been one of the frontrunners and world leaders in renewable energy, with an already high share of renewable energy. The country and its leading states should now complete their mission and show to the world by practical example that a 100% renewable energy supply is feasible and beneficial. Such pole position will be an important competitive advantage in the coming years and decades, as more and more countries are about to re-organise their energy supply and go for a 100% renewable energy supply”, said the WWEA’s Secretary General, Stefan Gsänger.

The Northeast of Brazil is already a worldwide example. In the period known as the “wind harvest”, between July and October, the region had its demand several times fully met by wind generation, even during the power production and consumption peaks.

In order to make the supply of renewable energy perennial, in addition to the expansion of solar energy (through photovoltaic parks and distributed generation), storage technologies will be important allies. They will be given space during WWEC2019: the world’s most important technologies on storage systems will be presented in dedicated sessions.

The conference will also address other renewable energy sources needed to make a 100% renewable reality possible, such as biomass.

During WWEC2019, around 100 scientific papers will be presented by experts and researchers from 20 countries. This strong participation underlines WWEA’s commitment to research and its role as a bridge between universities, governments and businesses.

WWEC – This year’s edition of WWEC features the submission of over 100 papers from around the world. Based on the theme “Large-scale integration of wind power generation”, the conference will discuss how renewable energy sources can contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and achieve eventually an emission free energy supply. The conference has already spanned the world’s five continents, 15 countries and brought together over 10,000 people over its last 17 editions.

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WWEA – The World Wind Energy Association was founded in 2001 and is working to expand renewable sources around the world. The organisation currently has over 600 direct members distributed across 106 countries on all continents. The association publishes annual world statistics and enhances technology transfer.