Interconnection is essential for the development of wind energy and solar power in Africa

Interconnection is essential for the development of wind power and solar energy in Africa.
Africa needs to accelerate the development of hydroelectric, wind and solar plants and strengthen the cross-border interconnection of the network to establish “an electric highway,” according to an industry report.

The document, published in Beijing by the Development and Cooperation Organization for Global Energy Interconnection (GEIDCO), proposed by China, offers solutions for the development and transmission of clean energy abroad from Africa.

The report has presented a new model for the development of electricity, mining, metallurgy, manufacturing and commerce, seeking to integrate the advantages of Africa into clean energy and mineral resources to build an industrial chain.

Energy interconnection can meet Africa’s electricity needs by helping with energy use and cost reduction, said Oleg Budargin, vice president of GEIDCO, at the World Energy Interconnection Conference (GHG) and China-Africa Energy 2019, held in Beijing from November 6 to 7.

The event, organized by GEIDCO, was attended by more than 1,000 guests from 79 countries, who discussed cooperation for sustainable development in the energy industry.

GEIDCO, founded in March 2016, currently has 756 members from 106 countries on five continents, and has allowed the signing of 42 cooperation agreements.