Wind energy Siemens Gamesa sells three wind farms to Iberdrola

These wind power plants will have 34 wind turbines of the SG 3.4-132 model that will provide the wind energy needed to supply 45,200 homes. This is the Ballestas and Casetona (Burgos) wind farm, which has just come into operation, and the Puylobo wind farm (between Zaragoza and Navarra) that will begin construction in the coming weeks.


Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy continues to strengthen its leadership in Spain with the sale of three wind farms, located in Burgos, and between Zaragoza and Navarra. With a total installed capacity of 117.8 MW, the company has sold the BaCa wind projects to Iberdrola, formed by the Ballestas and Casetona parks, as well as the Puylobo project.

Located in the Castrojeriz and Vallejera municipalities, in Burgos, the Ballestas and Casetona wind farm has an installed capacity of 69.3 MW and consists of 20 wind turbines of the SG 3.4-132 model, 3.4 MW of unit power. Both parks have just started operation.

For its part, the Puylobo project, located between the municipalities of Borja, Mallén (Zaragoza) and Cortes (Navarra), has an installed capacity of 48.5 MW and its construction, which will begin in the coming weeks, will include the installation of 14 turbines of the same model.

These parks will produce enough clean energy to meet the needs of 45,200 homes per year and also prevent the emission of 72,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

“We are proud to continue strengthening our position in the Spanish wind industry. We have an absolute commitment to make these projects a success and reinforce Spain’s plans to achieve its objectives. According to the Energy and Climate Plan of the Spanish Government, the country has the potential to install 2,500 MW annually in the next decade, so we must be prepared to take advantage of it. Siemens Gamesa is perfectly positioned to continue leading the development of wind energy in Spain, ”says Alfonso Faubel, CEO Onshore of Siemens Gamesa.

“During the last two years we have experienced a strong increase in orders for renewable auctions. However, now Spain must take the necessary measures to provide clarity about its future plans and pave the way towards an efficient and economically sustainable system, providing sufficient visibility to the entire sector, ”added Alfonso.
Siemens Gamesa, leading manufacturer in Spain
Siemens Gamesa stands as the first manufacturer in Spain with about 55% of the total fleet installed (more than 12,600 turbines). In addition, the company is responsible for the maintenance of more than 7,500 MW, about a third of the total installed capacity in the country. So far this year the company has installed a total of 428 MW in more than twenty wind projects. Siemens Gamesa is focused on meeting the stipulated deadlines for projects resulting from renewable auctions.