Wind power in Soria: Feníe Energía will start the works of its wind farms in 2020

Fenie Energía expects to begin the construction of its ‘Cuellar de la Sierra’ and ‘Dehesa de Cuellar’ wind farms in the province of Soria in early 2020.
Fenie Energía adds these two, four wind farms in operation.
The investment exceeds 14 million euros and the mills exceed 14 MW of power.
With this project, about 90 jobs will be generated in the area between the construction, operation and maintenance phases.
Feníe Energía, S.A, winner of the Customer Service of the Year award.
As a novelty, an automatic bird detection, deterrence and collision control system will be installed, which allows automatic detection of the presence of birds and, in case of risk of collision with the blades of the wind turbines, activate a deterrence system for scare away birds from the risk zone. And, in the cases of higher risk, slow down the speed of rotation of the blades or carry out their temporary stop.
Fenie Energía, is one of the main marketers of electricity and gas with a 2% market share, with more than 400,000 customers throughout Spain. Within the province of Soria there are more than 2,000 customers and they have 22 shareholders and energy agents in the province, according to the information provided by their Director of Management and president of the Provincial Association of Electrical and Telecommunications Installers of Soria José Luis Mateo Gonzalo.