Google increases its wind power and solar energy portfolio by 40%

Google has made the largest purchase of renewable energy in history by a corporation by increasing its investment in wind energy and solar power by 40% with contracts in the United States, Chile and Europe.

The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, reveals in the official blog of the company the signing of a package of wind power and solar energy agreements that in total reach 1,600 megawatts, which places the portfolio that this company has in renewable energy at 5,500 megawatts.

“Once all these projects are operational, our carbon-free energy portfolio will produce more electricity than is used annually by places like Washington DC or entire countries such as Lithuania or Uruguay,” Pichai added.

The new 1,600 megawatts signed by the Mountain View company (California, USA) will come from 18 different agreements reached in the United States, Chile and Europe.

The Google announcement takes place on the same day that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos promised to have his company use 100% renewable energy in its global infrastructure by 2030, as well as buy 100,000 electric vehicles.

In addition, Amazon will seek to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement in 2040, a decade earlier than agreed, to become a carbon neutral company.

“It is enough to stay halfway on this issue, we have decided to use our size and scale to make a difference,” said Bezos in an intervention at the Washington National Press Club to publicize the initiative, named Climate Pledge ( The Climate Promise).

According to Amazon data, currently 40% of the energy consumed by its facilities comes from renewable sources, and the objective is to move to 80% in 2024 and 100% in 2030.

The workers of the technology companies have raised their voices on several occasions asking their employers for greater commitments in the fight against climate change, and this Friday marches are planned for this purpose by employees of Google, Amazon and Microsoft.