Navantia-Windar, selected for the manufacture of 62 jackets for the St. Brieuc wind farm

Ailes Marines SAS (70% owned by Iberdrola) has announced in the port of Brest that they have selected Navantia-Windar as a preferred supplier for the construction of 62 three-legged jackets, destined for the wind turbines of the St. Brieuc wind farm ( France) with an extension of 78 km2 and an electricity generation capacity of up to 496 MW.

The offshore wind power manufacturing scheme is the usual one of UTE with Windar: the jackets will be made in Fene and the piles in Aviles, mainly. This contract includes a part of local content, which will be carried out in Brest, such as stabbings, lower nodes and the lattice structure for 34 jackets. The integration of all subsets will be done completely in Fene.

The manufacturing contract is expected to be signed in February next year and plans approved in May, to begin manufacturing in the summer of 2020.

This order is the most important signed by Navantia-Windar in this wind energy market, which is the sole supplier of jackets for this field. It implies, therefore, the loyalty as a client of Iberdrola and the consolidation of Navantia-Windar in this market, with opportunities in other wind farms of both jackets and substations.