Wind energy in Galicia: Naturgy installs the 54 wind turbines of six wind farms

Naturgy continues with the works related to the evacuation infrastructures and the tests for the commissioning of the six ecological parks, associated with the last renewable power auction of the Government, before the end of the year.
Naturgy, which reaffirms its commitment to renewable energy in Galicia, has allocated around 200 million euros to develop about 200 megawatts between 2018 and 2019
Naturgy has already completed the installation and assembly work of the 54 wind turbines that form the six wind farms in the provinces of Lugo and A Coruña, associated with the Government’s renewable power auction in May 2017. The energy company continues with the works linked to the evacuation infrastructures and the tests for the commissioning of the six wind farms before the end of the year. Naturgy thus confirms its important commitment to renewable energy, its commitment to Galicia and the fulfillment of its 2018-2022 Strategic Plan.
The six wind projects (Peña Forcada-Catasol II, Mouriños, Monte Tourado-Eixe, Serra do Punago-Vacariza, Monciro and Pastoriza-Rodeiro), will add a power of almost 200 MW and produce the annual electricity consumption of around 270 thousand homes , equivalent to almost the entire province of Lugo. The implementation of these Galician parks also displaces the use of other sources of conventional electricity generation, avoiding the emission of some 434,000 tons of CO2 annually into the atmosphere and other greenhouse gases.
Naturgy installed in January of this year the first wind turbine of the six wind farms in Peña Forcada-Catasol, located in the municipality of Laxe, and finally completed the assembly of the last of a total of 54 wind turbines, in the Monciro wind farm, in the municipalities of Castroverde and Pol.
The construction of these six wind farms has generated, in its different phases, some 500 jobs. In that sense, the head of development of the wind projects in Galicia of Naturgy, María Landeira, recorded that for the construction, operation and maintenance of wind power parks, the company’s technical teams rely heavily on different companies with staff from Galicia, with extensive knowledge of the territory and with the technical capacity to work even in the most adverse weather conditions of the Lugo mountain and the Galician coast “.
Naturgy’s commitment to renewable energy in Galicia
Naturgy is making a strong commitment to the increase in renewable generation, included in its Strategic Plan, which contemplates doubling its installed capacity in Spain and especially in Galicia, a community with the company that maintains a strong commitment. For this, the company plans to make an investment of 1,000 million euros throughout Spain before 2020, of which more than 200 million euros are for wind projects in the Galician community.
The energy company in Galicia has an installed wind power of 304.6 MW, with 13 wind farms in operation, and an annual production of 581 GWh in 2017. The energy launched in 2015 in the Cordal de Montouto wind farm and operated in 2016 the first repowering of Galicia in the Cabo Vilano wind farm, replacing 22 wind turbines with 2, with a 400% increase in production.
In its strong commitment to renewable energies and its commitment to Galicia, Naturgy has a good portfolio of wind projects in the Community that it can develop from 2020. In that sense, the wind energy development team is already working on about 30 new wind power projects in Galicia.