Recognizing sustainability at WINDPOWER 2019

The American Wind Energy Association is pleased to recognize the Nordex Group as our 2019 WINDPOWER Leader in Sustainability!

The Nordex Group was one of 24 exhibitors that participated in the WINDPOWER Green Team, making them eligible for this award. Because of Nordex’s tactical partnership with its booth builder to reconfigure and reuse both the booth and graphics, its extensive sustainable choice documentation, and ISO management approach, we selected Nordex for its outstanding leadership in this area.

“AWEA thanks the Nordex Group for walking the walk with their sustainability strategy and their strong participation in the Green Team Program. They truly make a difference in the WINDPOWER show.” –Jana Adams, AWEA’s Senior Vice President Member Value and Experience.

AWEA has an Event Sustainability Policy that helps us create experiences that embody and inspire our core value “We (Heart) Wind Energy.” Every year, AWEA hosts thousands of participants at events throughout the United States. This policy outlines how AWEA event planning processes and practices promote action on issues important to AWEA members and staff.

Each year, we engage exhibitors on event sustainability through our Green Team Exhibitor Program, an initiative that highlights exhibitors that took steps to create a more sustainable exhibit booth and support WINDPOWER’s sustainability initiatives. In 2018, we launched the Sustainability Leader Award.

“The Nordex Group has much appreciation for the AWEA Event Sustainability Policy as this approach is unique among wind energy trade shows worldwide. It fits together perfectly with the Nordex Group’s strategy to not only offer efficient wind power systems, thus making a major contribution to climate-friendly energy generation today, but to also take responsibility for and counter the challenges posed by climate change. Our sustainable booth concept is a logical and natural outcome of this strategy.” –Felix Losada, Director Corporate Communications Nordex Group

With so many ways to participate in show sustainability efforts, we also wanted to feature the work of a few additional exhibitors:


Vestas’ punch-list for meeting WINDPOWER sustainability goals was long, stretching from building materials to the pens they use. Vestas strives to be leaders in this category and promote and show others that with minimal changes and a few more phone calls, they too can green their operations.

This year, Vestas went away from LED video screens. While showing stunning scenery and spinning turbines is fun, it’s also a big energy suck and crazy bulky to ship. In an effort to be more sustainable, Vestas tried out a back lit fabric and loved it. Not only was the temperature of their area brought down by not using huge screens, the graphic itself folded down to an 11×17 parcel. The screen also dismantled down to flat pack. This was a major consideration due to the sheer size of their booth footprint.

“Being a green company is more than just buying eco-friendly products, it’s a commitment to a sustainable way of living. We practice this in our Vestas offices all over the world, our homes, and take the message to the street through our actions whether it be at WINDPOWER or any other sponsored event. We are far from perfect but are open to new ideas and learning as we go.” –Nikki Metcalf, Events Manager Vestas

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) partnered with its booth builder to build a more sustainable booth and give away reusable straws, rather than items that would go straight into a landfill when attendees got home. As a company, SGRE supports climate protection goals and has joined in the global movement to de-carbonize economies. SGRE has committed to becoming a carbon neutral company by 2025 and is switching operations from emission-intensive conventional power generation sources to renewable energy-based electricity source.

“Sustainability is right at the heart of Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy– it is the driving philosophy of our company. We appreciate AWEA offering a sustainable program, like the Green Team. We are extremely proud to be a member and reduce our conference footprint.” –Kaile Gurney, Communication and Public Affairs SGRE

Wind Composite Services, LLC

WindCom designed a minimalist booth with the three R’s in mind. The booth was designed to reduce the amount of material needed to build it and proved to be a successful concept at WINDPOWER 2018. WindCom focused on promoting quality conversations between its customers and workforce while reducing visual distractions. All of the its booth components were reusable. From rented furniture to its podium and hanging sign, all items were reused. In compliance with AWEA recommendations, WindCom used only compostable materials for its booth snacks and beverages.

“WindCom is pleased to partner with an organization like AWEA that values the importance of reducing our footprint.” –Benjamin Muller, Commercial Manager WindCom

Learn more about AWEA’s sustainability efforts here. To become eligible for the CLEANPOWER 2020 Sustainability Leader Award, join the 2020 CLEANPOWER Exhibitor Green Team.

Jennifer Harwell