Wind energy in Argentina: YPF wind farm

It is a wind farm with 45 wind turbines that will generate renewable and efficient energy that will serve to supply the equivalent of 228,000 homes. US $ 200 million will be invested.

The expansion of YPF towards different businesses, in order to provide new products and energy services to its customers, now has one of its most important goals: the construction of a wind farm in the City of Azul.

This is a project developed through YPF Luz, a company that ranks fifth as a generator of electricity in the country in installed capacity.

Los Teros, located on Provincial Route 80, about three kilometers inland, in the Trapense Monastery sector, will include more than 45 wind turbines and will be developed in stages. In the first one, it includes the installation of 32 GE windmills of 3.83 MW in an area of ??2450 hectares, which requires an investment of 144 million dollars.

In a second stage, progress will be made to complete a generation of 174 MW of clean energy, the equivalent of the needs of more than 228,000 homes, and that will increase the investment to 200 million dollars.

The objective of YPF Luz through this project is to provide renewable, efficient and reliable energy to customers through the wholesale electricity market (MATER), and will be connected through the 132kv line that connects Tandil with Olavarría.

In addition, it aims to increase one of the power generation alternatives with the most benefits, including obtaining energy that is renewed and inexhaustible; reduce the use of fossil fuels; obtain electrical energy in a non-polluting way; and contribute to the generation of employment in the country.

Under the name of Los Teros Wind Farm, the first 32 wind turbines have already arrived at the port of Bahía Blanca, and are being transferred to Azul.

A total of 45 wind turbines will be installed, which have a height of 110 meters and their propeller measuring 65 meters. To transport them, a great logistics and infrastructure work was carried out, including the construction of roads and concrete bases of 21 meters in diameter.

The 45 wind turbines of Los Teros will have a capacity factor of 54%, an extremely high efficiency level nationally and internationally, which positions Azul as a town with excellent natural conditions for this type of development, due to its constant winds, weather and location.

The wind energy generated will mean, from the point of view of environmental sustainability, a reduction in emissions of 8.8 million tons of CO2 in 20 years, compared to the same energy production through a thermal power plant, which is equivalent to the saving of 81,800 m3 of diesel or 130 million m3 of natural gas.

YPF Luz has already signed contracts to supply renewable energy to Toyota, Coca-Cola FEMSA, Nestlé, Profertil and Holcim, among other companies, from this park.

The company currently has a capacity of 1,819 MW installed that provides the wholesale and industrial market, and is building another 560MW, of which 540 MW will be generated from 3 wind farms located in the provinces of Chubut, Santa Cruz and Buenos Aires.

– It has a capacity of 1,819 MW

– It has three wind farms located in Chubut, Santa Cruz and Buenos Aires.

– The most recent, Los teros, will occupy an area of ??3,610 hectares

– It will consist of more than 45 wind turbines

– Generate energy to meet the needs of 228,000 homes

– 54% capacity factor: an efficiency level of the highest in the world.