Wind power, potential in Cuba

The execution of 13 projects, added to the four experimentally constructed wind farms, show the progress made in Camagüey, which aims to expand the exploitation of wind energy.

Cuba, which has high hopes for renewable resources, ecological and economic roads in times of strong US commercial blockade, aims to have 20 percent of its electricity generation in 2030 through these sources.

In the case of this more extensive region of Cuba, with 16 thousand square kilometers, the construction of a wind farm in Puerto Piloto, in the north of the province of Camaguey, is ready, a space with great potential according to the Center for Studies of Energy Technologies Renewable

The investment of foreign capital will be vital in this construction program, however financing is still being sought to carry it out.

The intentions of the government of the Greater Antilles are of interest to the world community, as recently reflected by the Minister of International Relations and Francophonie of Quebec, Canada, Nadine Girault, who ratified ties with Cuba to the head of Science, Technology and Environment of the island, Elba Rosa Pérez.

The national electro-energy system intends to expand the generation of wind energy, for this reason it increases the technical preparation of specialists in the field of new technologies, with the intention in addition to exploiting biomass and building new hydroelectric plants throughout the island.

Thanks to renewable sources, Cuba in 2018 managed to generate 151 thousand 980 mwh of clean energy, which is equivalent to a saving of 32 thousand 873 tons of diesel.