Navantia consolidates in offshore wind energy with another 62 jackets

Navantia has made the contract of 62 support structures for marine wind turbines –jackets– for the future Iberdrola wind farm in Saint Brieuc, in French Brittany, which will have an installed wind power capacity of about 500 MW.

It is, therefore, not only one of the largest marine wind energy projects under way, but also the first time that Iberdrola entrusts the construction of all its elements to a single company – during the East Anglia One wind farm, for example, the production of the supports and the anchors was divided between Fene, Asturias, China and Saudi Arabia – which will take place, predictably, at the Navantia facilities on the Ferrol estuary.
The two companies that make up the Temporary Business Union (UTE) responsible for manufacturing are Navantia and Windar.
The structures will be three-legged, identical to those used by Iberdrola in the East Anglia One wind farm, for which Fene’s facilities manufactured 42 units. Thus, if the wind energy project is completed and the signing takes place shortly, it is estimated that construction will begin between the last months of 2019 and the first of 2020.
The structures will be built entirely in Spain. It is important to note that, as in the case of the floating structures of the Kinkardine Scottish wind farm, there is always the possibility that part of the units are referred to the factories in the southern peninsula.
One of the unknowns is who will be responsible for the manufacture of the anchorages of the structures at the seabed and the electrical substations of the wind farm. If we continue with the distribution of tasks that Iberdrola carried out in its previous wind power projects, it is most likely that the first ones will be built by Windar in Aviles, Asturias, while in the case of the second one it will possibly go to the facilities of Navantia in Puerto Real, in the Bay of Cádiz.