Nordex launches 163 metre rotor for the Delta4000 5.X wind turbines

Nordex is further extending its product portfolio in the wind energy market segment of wind turbines with a nominal capacity of more than 5 MW. “At the heart of our product development strategy, is the continued expansion of the capabilities of our proven Delta4000 platform. We have now reached a further milestone with the introduction of the N163/5.X,” says José Luis Blanco, the Nordex Group CEO. The N163/5.X wind turbine will be presented at the German Husum Wind Fair, which takes place from 10 – 13 September 2019.
Compared to the recently launched N149/5.X wind turbine, the N163/5.X shows its strengths particularly on wind farm projects with lower wind speeds.
The nacelle, gearbox and all system components of the N163/5.X have been taken over from the N149/5.X. A new element is the single-piece rotor blade, with a length of nearly 80 metres, based on the proven and tested glass fibre/carbon fibre differential construction concept of the N149, which Nordex has been using in serial production for its blades since 2011. The rotor diameter has been increased by 14 metres to a total of 163 metres compared to that of the N149/5.X. This makes it one of the biggest rotors in the onshore segment. This larger rotor diameter results in a swept area of 20.867 square metres. Compared to the N149/4.0-4.5, currently being produced in series, this means an additional yield of up to 20 percent for the new wind turbine.
The N163/5.X is designed for maximum flexibility and can be operated in different modes in the 5 MW range depending on site requirements and customer needs. This enables customers to individually configure the wind farm with regards to energy yield, turbine lifetime, rating and sound requirements, and thus adapt it ideally to the specific business model. The N163/5.X continues the successful approach of a flexible power range of the Delta4000 wind turbines N149/4.0-4.5 and N149/5.X.
The wind turbine will initially be offered with hub heights of between 118 and 164 metres. The turbine options also include a cold climate version for operation in temperatures as low as -30°C. The start of the series production of the N163/5.X is scheduled for 2021.
The wind turbines in the Delta4000 series
The wind turbines of the Delta4000 series are based on a uniform technical platform. Type-specific components, such as rotor blades or gearboxes, can be adapted for different variants thanks to the consistent modularization. This enables the Nordex Group to continuously develop highly efficient, field-proven solutions for different wind regimes and geographic regions, and ensure fast time-to-market wind power.
The Delta4000 series at a glance:
Turbines in the 4 MW segment:
Turbines in the 5 MW segment:
The Nordex Group at Husum Wind 2019: Hall 1, stand no. B11