Wind energy in Colombia: La Guajira has a new license for wind power generation

The wind farm that ANLA will follow up is part of the generation of Non-Conventional Renewable Energies.
In order to increase the generation of clean energy in the country by 1,500 MW during this four-year period, the National Environmental Licensing Authority (ANLA) granted an environmental license to another wind power generation project that will be developed in La Guajira and will produce 212 MW

The wind energy project that will be located 15 kilometers from Uribia and 25 kilometers from Maicao, will bring great benefits in environmental matters to the region, since it is the generation of inexhaustible energy, which does not pollute, reduces the use of fossil fuels and generates alternatives of employment in the area of ??its influence.
It is worth mentioning that ANLA has approved 3 energy projects with unconventional sources, 2 wind turbines project in La Guajira and 1 wind turbines project in Valledupar, “this wind farm together with the other two will produce almost 500 MW, 36% of what the Government estimates ”, Said ANLA Director Rodrigo Suárez.