Wind energy in Navarre: the wind farms of Ablitas and Cabanillas of ENHOL are modified

In Ablitas I wind farm the wind turbines are reduced from 7 to 4, and in Cabanillas II the evacuation line is modified.
The Government of Navarre has adopted two agreements by which the wind farms of Ablitas and Cabanillas wind power plants, promoted by the company ENHOL, are modified.

Specifically, Ablitas I reduces wind turbines from 7 to 4, maintaining the installed capacity of 14 MW by applying new technology that makes better use of the wind resource and reduces the environmental impact. On the other hand, Ablitas II moves a wind turbine at the request of the Directorate General of Airports and Air Navigation of the State Agency for Air Safety (AESA).

On the other hand, in Cabanillas, the evacuation line of the wind farm is modified, building an overhead line on public roads from the eastern variant of Tudela, avoiding passing through the area of ??traditional vegetable gardens. In addition, access to the wind power plant is improved from the industrial estate of Cabanillas.