Wind energy in Peru: first wind farm in Cajamarca

Peru continues to aim for renewable energies. Thus, through a ministerial resolution published on Monday, the Ministry of Energy and Mines reported that the investment contract for the development of the first wind farm in Cajamarca will be signed with the Peruvian company Taruca SAC, which operates as a subsidiary of the European Grenergy Renovables.

This resolution confirms Taruca S.A.C. as a qualified company for the development of the project called “Parque Eólico Duna”, which will be developed in the Cajamarca region and that according to advances, said wind power plant will have an estimated installed capacity of 120 Megawatts (MW), which will serve to produce electricity without polluting the environment.
The resolution also details that the amount of the investment by GR Taruca S.A.C. amounts to the sum of 26 million 286 thousand 114 dollars, and will be executed in a total period of two 2 years, one month and three days, counted from September 10, 2018. That is, it would be inaugurated in October 2020.

Likewise, it is indicated that the company will accept the Early Recovery System of the General Sales Tax (IGV). It should be recalled that through the regulation of Legislative Decree No. 973 the Ministry of Economy and Finance, by means of Official Letter No. 1143-2019-EF / 13.01, entered into the Ministry of Energy and Mines under the Register No. 2912857, opined that the approval of the List of goods, services and construction contracts submitted by GR TARUCA SAC for the admission to the Special Regime, and attach the Annexes that contain the details of the goods, services and construction contracts;

Thus, the List of goods, services and construction contracts is included as an Annex to the Investment Contract and can be modified at the request of said company in accordance with numeral 6.1 of Article 6 of the Regulation of Legislative Decree No. 973, approved by the Supreme Decree No. 084-2007-EF.