Siemens Gamesa launching the new wind turbines 5.X platform, the largest in the wind power industry

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) continues to advance its product strategy by introducing a new onshore platform: the Siemens Gamesa 5.X platform, which encompasses two wind turbine models: the SG 5.8-155 and the SG 5.8-170.

The platform introduces the largest unit capacity in the Siemens Gamesa onshore portfolio, 5.8 MW rated capacity, and the largest rotor diameters, 155 and 170 meters, resulting in maximum performance in high-, medium- and low-wind conditions. The 170-meter rotor is the largest in the onshore segment.

The Siemens Gamesa 5.X onshore platform incorporates the company’s proven technology, experience and expertise, based on its installed wind fleet of more than 90 GW worldwide.

The SG 5.8-155 expands the swept area by 14% with respect to the SG 4.5-145, and Annual Energy Production (AEP) by over 20% (@ 8 m/s); the SG 5.8-170 provides an increase of over 37% in the swept area and more than 32% in AEP (@ 7 m/s) when compared with the SG 4.5-145.

With a highly flexible design that enhances the entire value chain, from manufacturing through logistics to construction and service, the platform’s versatility makes it suitable for a broad range of sites. These wind turbines integrate the hallmarks of Siemens Gamesa technology, such as a doubly-fed generator, partial converter and a compact drive train designed with a three-stage gearbox. Additionally, compliance with the most demanding grid-related connection requirements is ensured by the inclusion of an optional premium converter.

“Today we are celebrating our second anniversary. I cannot imagine a better way to do it than by announcing the launch of this new platform — tangible proof of Siemens Gamesa’s commitment to innovation and R&D”, said Markus Tacke, CEO of SGRE.

Mark Albenze, Onshore & Service CEO at SGRE, added: “The new Siemens Gamesa 5.X’s high and flexible power rating coupled with the two rotor options make this platform suitable for any kind of site across the globe. Designed for future modular upgrades to meet the evolving demands of the market, it will allow the company to assist customers in reaching their profitability goals through best-in-class performance and LCoE”.

As part of the SGRE product portfolio that represents a fresh approach to wind power, the new turbines integrate advanced control technologies and strategies that optimize their efficiency on the basis of site conditions, offering flexible power ratings depending on noise requirements, ambient temperature and electrical performance.

The first prototype installation of the SG 5.8-155 is planned for mid-2020, and production is scheduled to commence in Q4 2020. For the SG 5.8-170, the first prototype is planned for Q3 2020 and production will start in Q1 2021.

Visit the Siemens Gamesa booth at WindEurope 2019: Hall 1, Stand E40