Vestas develops cost-competitive solution to secure 47 MW subsidy-free wind power project in the UK

Douglas West Wind Farm Ltd, owned by Greencoat UK Wind plc, has placed an order with Vestas for a 47 MW project to be located in South Lanarkshire, Scotland. Underlining onshore wind’s status as the most cost-competitive energy source, the project will be UK’s first standalone merchant wind park progressing to be built without any direct financial support.

The wind park features the first 136m Vestas rotors in the UK and by utilising the newest and most advanced technology, the customer will realise the project on merchant terms. The wind park will feature a customised Vestas solution, including 13 V136-3.45 MW wind turbines delivered in 3.6 MW Power Optimised Mode with 82-meter towers to meet local tip heights-requirements and deliver a competitive cost of energy.

The order follows a subsidy-free Vestas wind park in Denmark announced yesterday and a another one in Finland announced in late 2018, demonstrating how Vestas by deploying its industry-leading technology can develop a profitable business case on merchant market terms for its customers.

The project was originally developed by 3R Energy and owned by Blue Energy. Blue Energy will manage the construction process on behalf of Douglas West Wind Farm.

This project shows that when we are able to install our newest technology, we are able to deliver a profitable wind park under merchant market conditions, offering the absolute lowest cost of energy to the British energy consumers. The Douglas West Wind Farm is a big step forward for renewable energy in the UK and we thank Douglas West for choosing Vestas for this milestone project”, says Nils de Baar, President for Vestas Northern and Central Europe.

The order includes supply and commissioning of the wind turbines and a full-scope service agreement
(AOM 5000) for 10 years with an option the customer to extend to 20. Deliveries are expected to begin in the second quarter of 2021, while commissioning is planned for the third quarter of 2021.