Wind energy: Aragón leads renewable energies

Aragón leads renewable energies with the authorization of 79 wind power plants with a capacity of 2,355.49 Megawatts (MW).
Six of these wind farms, already built with a capacity of 122.45 MW, also have the operating authorization, as indicated by the Government of Aragon.

Aragón is also processing the files of 143 wind farms with a capacity of 4,160.70 MW, among which are the 79 authorized.

Of these, a total of 58 come from the auctions convened by the previous Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda, in which the Aragonese Community was the one that “more projects captured awarded to the promoters”.

The Mining Basins maintain, in turn, a “privileged position” in this type of electricity production projects, indicates the Government of Aragon.

Of the 27 wind turbines projects presented in this territorial area, with a power of 663.72 MW, 19 are in process (602.72 MW), of which seven have the corresponding construction authorization, with a power of 241.92 MW.

In the auction of December 2015 launched by the previous Ministry of Energy, the Aragonese companies took practically half of the power auctioned in the call, which amounted in its entirety to 500 MW of wind energy and 200 of biomass.

The same happened in the April 2017 call. “Of the 3,000 MW awarded, approximately half were awarded to Aragonese companies,” the same sources said. The third auction, practically in its entirety photovoltaic, was resolved by the now Ministry of Ecological Transition on July 27, 2017.

On that occasion, of the 5,036 MW awarded, close to 26% went to projects located in Aragón, of which thirty photovoltaic plants were declared an Autonomous Interest Investment.

As of today, of these 30 projects of photovoltaic plants, 28 of them (1,233.86 MW) have a construction authorization.

On the other hand, the Government of Aragon is currently processing 56 projects of photovoltaic plants with a capacity of 2,235.7 MW, of which 32 have the corresponding construction authorization (1,296 MW).

The Mining Basins also benefit from this renewable energy source and of the 14 plants (629.4 MW) that requested authorization in this territory, five (249.52 MW) already have prior administrative authorization and construction.