Wind energy in Turkey: Goldwind wind turbines for a wind farm

On January 22, 2019, Goldwind completed the installation of the first GW140-3.4 MW wind turbine for AKSU RES wind power project in Kayseri, Turkey. Upon completion, this project will be Goldwind’s first overseas project under commercial operation using 3S wind turbines, which makes it a model for the rest overseas markets of the company.

This wind power project has not come easily. During project bidding, Goldwind team revised its proposals several times. Thanks to the high reliability of Goldwind turbines and outstanding LCOE performance, the project owner chose Goldwind after careful comparison, showing the trust for the brand and recognition of Goldwind team.

The same goes to turbine installation. Extreme weather including heavy snow, high winds and frost lasted nearly one month. Despite all the difficulties, the project team completed installation by following well-designed plan. The project will be commercially operational in February 2019.

Turkey has a long-term dependence on imports of coal, oil and gas. Energy security has been prioritized by Turkish Government in both internal and external policies. In 2009, National Renewable Energy Action Plan for Turkey was introduced to diversify energy and electricity mix and reduce independence on imports by leveraging local abundant renewables such as wind and solar power.


Turkey is an important market for Goldwind in the Middle East and North Africa. Among the over 400MW of capacity installed by Goldwind there, Turkey alone has 23MW in operation or under construction, including three 750KW turbines, seven 1.5MW turbines and three 3.4MW turbines.

Committed to steady overseas market expansion and service localization, Goldwind now has four local and three Chinese employees in Turkey. As the installed capacity increases, we plan to recruit more local service technicians in 2019 to better fulfill our commitment.

As an international solution provider on clean energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, we will continue to boost local energy transformation and serve green development, to make our due contribution to the green Belt and Road Initiative and global environmental governance.