Tunisia awards first wind energy contracts

The Tunisian industry ministry on Thursday awarded the first wind power concessions to four foreign companies.

The companies will be producing 120 MW of wind energy with investment totalling 400 million Tunisian dinars. Germany’s ABO WIND AG, the Netherlands’ UPC Tunisia Renewables and the French companies LUCIA HOLDING and VSB Energies Nouvelles have had their wind power projects approved by the government for building wind power stations in Mornag in the Ben Arous governorate, Jebel Sidi Bchir, Jebel Kochbata and Batiha, in the Bizerte governorate.

The works will begin between May and November 2020 and are expected to create 76 jobs, directly and indirectly.

The companies will sell wind energy to the Tunisian power and gas company STEG at prices ranging between 110 million and 135 million dinars per KW/h. Tunisian PM Youssef Chahed said during the ceremony for the signing of the concessionary agreements that renewable energy was a government priority and that the government had put forth significant effort in developing the legal and organizational frameworks of the sector.