Majority of Scots support onshore wind energy

The majority of Scots back the use of onshore wind energy, a new survey has indicated.

Almost seven out of 10 support onshore wind farms, according to the Survation poll conducted on behalf of Scottish Renewables.

The survey also found majority backing for the continued development of renewable energy sources by the next Scottish Government, with almost eight out of 10 supporting the move.

The poll, which questioned 1,036 people across the country between September 28 and October 2, also indicated high levels of support for other renewable energy technology, with almost 77% of those surveyed backing offshore wind energy, 80% supporting wave and tidal, 81% backing for solar energy, and 67% supporting biomass – energy obtained using organic material.
Just under a third of Scots, 32%, think Scottish ministers should implement fracking, the controversial technique designed to recover gas from shale rock.

The survey uncovered similar levels of support for renewable sources from those living outwith the central belt and in more rural parts of the country.

Jenny Hogan, deputy chief executive of Scottish Renewables said: “The nature of Scotland’s renewable energy resource – our wind, tides, forestry and even our long summer evenings, among others – means many renewable energy developments take place in rural areas, providing jobs and economic opportunities which otherwise may not have existed.

“The fact is that the continued deployment of clean power technologies like wind, solar and biomass is backed by the very people who will benefit most tangibly from these developments.”