Paraíba, the largest wind power complex in Latin America

Iberdrola, through the Brazilian subsidiary of Neoenergia, will build the largest renewable energy project in Latin America in the northeast of Brazil: the Paraíba wind complex, with 565.5 megawatts (MW) of total installed power.
The complex of Paraíba, will be the largest land-based wind farm in Latin America once it enters into operation in 2022/2023. This large renewable facility will be located next to the town of Santa Luzia, in one of the windiest areas of the Americas, and will consist of a total of 18 wind farms, of which three are already in operation -Canoas, Lagoa I and Lagoa II- and 15 others are in different stages of development, Iberdroal announced today in a press release.

Paraíba will reach a total installed power of 565.5 MW thanks to a total of 181 wind turbines with the following characteristics:

– 136 SG132 wind turbines, with 3.4 MW unit power, one of the most modern and efficient wind turbines on the market, with 65-meter long blades.
– 45 wind turbines of model G114, of 2.1 MW of unit power.

This project will favor the creation of local employment thanks to a forecast of hiring more than 1,200 workers during the construction works.

Brazil will become, after the start-up of the Paraíba complex, the country with the most wind power for the Iberdrola group in Latin America.