Senvion unveils new 4.2 MW wind turbines for North American market

Senvion, a leading global manufacturer of wind turbines, unveils its 4.2 MW platform, the 4.2M140 and 4.2M148, based on the company’s robust and proven 3.XM series. The Senvion 4.2 MW turbines are best suited for low and medium wind sites and are an excellent choice for the US.

Lance Marram, CEO Senvion of North America, explains: “The 4.2M140 and 148 are the logical next step in our product line for the US, and initial market indications are extremely positive. The 4.2 MW platform is driving down LCoE, maximizing yields and -considering our strong track record- creating long term business case certainty for our customers’ investments.” Marram adds: “Over the last year we have made significant strides in technology and supply chain to strengthen our competitive edge; the 4.2 MW platform is a clear result of that.”

The 4.2M140 and 4.2M148 type turbines provide a modular approach and technical advancements such as lighter, longer and more efficient rotor blades. The company’s dynamic control technologies enable the 4.2M140 and 148 to safely maximize energy production, and adapt to specific to regional requirements, such as noise, site conditions, and grid.

The 4.2 MW is a direct evolution of Senvion’s proven 3. XM series. These turbines are set to generate a significant increase in AEP, while driving down LCoE. Senvion’s highly modular platform, enables delivery of very competitive products across wind regimes. The 4.2M140 and 148 are designed for more efficiency, higher availability and lower transport, installation, and service costs.

The 4.2M140 and the 4.2M148 are another milestone in Senvion’s modularization and standardization strategy. Coupled with the company’s focus on its partnership approach and project specific solutions, Senvion is well positioned to generate high-yields and high returns for its customers.

Meet Senvion at AWEA Windpower 2018: Booth 4634.