Fuhrlander wind power project in Ukraine

Fuhrlander Windtechnology LLC (Kramatorsk, Donetsk region) is mulling the issue of building a wind farm with the total installed capacity of around 250 MW in the Chornobyl exclusion zone, Deputy Director for Commercial Issues of Fuhrlander Windtechnology Yuriy Shevchenko told reporters during his visit to Kramatorsk organized by Ecoaction and Germanwatch on Thursday.
“We are considering a project to build a 250 MW wind farm in the Chornobyl zone. It is too early to speak about concrete conditions. We are at the preliminary stage,” he said.
Shevchenko said that there is sense to install 4MW wind turbines with towers of around 120-130 meters high in this zone.
Fuhrlander Windtechnology is the only manufacturer of modern wind power plants in Ukraine. It is engaged in construction of wind farms. The company produces goods on the site in Kramatorsk.
Since 2010 to the present, Furlender Windtechnology has built (equipped with its turbines) Novoazovsky, Ochakivsky, Kerch, Krasnodonsky and Lutuhynsky wind farms. The company also built a wind farm Ereymentau (Kazakhstan).
The beneficiaries of Fuhrlander Windtechnology LLC are the co-owner of the ISD corporation Oleh Mkrtchan and the Verkhovna Rada deputy Maksym Yefymov (the Petro Poroshenko Bloc parliamentary faction).