Vestas installs V120-2.0 MW prototype and introduces upgraded 2.2 MW version

Vestas is improving energy production for its 2 MW platform in low- and ultra-low wind conditions by installing a prototype V120-2.0 MW turbine with the ability to run in 2.2 MW Power Optimised Mode. At the same time, Vestas is introducing an upgraded 2.2 MW nominal rating turbine that expands the 2 MW platform into medium to low wind conditions with high turbulence.

Having announced the V120-2.0 MW turbine in the spring of 2017, the upgraded V120-2.2 MW includes a stronger gearbox and reinforced blades that strengthen performance in higher wind conditions. The V120-2.2 MW is globally applicable and designed for medium to low wind with higher turbulence conditions, which make the turbine a great fit for North America.

The V120-2.0 MW prototype is operating at the Lem Kjær wind park in Western Jutland, Denmark, and has produced its first kilowatt hour of electricity. The prototype will undergo an extensive test and verification programme to ensure reliability before full-scale production commences prior to the first deliveries. The turbine at Lem Kjær will be converted into a V120-2.2 MW prototype in the fourth quarter of 2018 where blades and gearbox will be changed.

“With the successful V120-2.0 MW prototype installation and introduction of the upgraded V120-2.2 MW turbine, Vestas once again demonstrates its ability to meet customer requirements by lowering cost of energy and reducing time to market for new products”, says Anders Vedel, Executive Vice President & CTO.

The 2 MW platform was launched in 2000 and leverages years of experience in supply chain, transport, and installation optimisation. With more than 20.000 turbines installed in 45 countries since its debut, Vestas’ 2 MW platform the most widely installed platform in the industry with 40 GW of accumulated installed capacity.