Ingeteam wins control center contract with Mexican renewable energy company Zuma Energía

Ingeteam, an independent global supplier of electrical conversion and turbine control equipment, announced today that it has been awarded a substantial contract by leading Mexican renewable energy developer Zuma Energía to provide a state-of-the-art control center for its operational wind farm in Oaxaca, PE Ingenio. The platform will collect all the relevant information on the infrastructure of the wind farms in real time, enabling the operator to effectively manage and optimize the operation and maintenance of its wind turbines.

The control center will be the cornerstone of Zuma’s asset performance management. It will allow them to gather and analyze a vast array of essential operating data, not only on the wind turbines and substations, but also on the electricity market and the variations of meteorological conditions. The control systems collect the continuous stream of information that each wind turbine generates every second. All key condition parameters, such as temperatures, vibrations, operating conditions and alarms are monitored and stored in “Big Data” databases optimized to work with large volumes of data in real time in a scalable way. The Control Center will be located in the offices of Zuma Energía in Mexico City.

“Currently, Zuma Energía has 725 MW in its portfolio, which were awarded to the company In Mexico’s second clean-energy tender held in September 2016. This accounts for a quarter of the tender’s total, and is a major achievement for our company. It is a privilege to contribute to the sustainable transformation of Mexico’s electricity system, benefiting the generations to come”, said Zuma Energía’s CEO Adrian Katzew.

Over 1 GW of installed wind power in Mexico is currently being managed through the Ingeteam control center platform. With its maintenance equipment covering almost half of the country’s total installed wind power capacity, Ingeteam has positioned itself as an undisputed leader in O&M services in this market. The Spanish company has more than 400 technicians servicing customers throughout the country. Together with Zuma, they aim to continue advancing the industry’s optimization of wind farms through innovative techniques, with the clear ambition of becoming benchmark companies not only in Mexico, but also in the rest of the world.

“We are very pleased to support Zuma Energía in their goal to contribute to the sustainable transformation of Mexico’s electricity system. The project consolidates Ingeteam’s position as a leader in the monitoring and analysis of wind farms in Mexico. Currently, the Ingeteam platform is monitoring and analyzing in real time more than 1 GW of installed wind power in Mexico”, explained Jorge Acedo, R&D Director of Control Systems, Ingeteam Wind Energy.

Mexico WindPower 2018

Ingeteam will participate yet another year in the most important event of the wind sector in the country: Mexico WindPower 2018, taking place on February 28 and March 1 at the Banamex Center in Mexico City. During the event, Ingeteam will present its latest advances in predictive maintenance through its Ingeboards data analysis platform and its reactive energy compensation solutions, competitive and adapted to meet the demanding network code in Mexico and PCyM systems for protection, control and measurement of elevating substations of renewable installations and CFE maneuvers. In addition, the company located at stand #414, will showcase its innovations in energy storage systems and SCADA solutions.

Leader in the Mexican renewables sector

Ingeteam is a pioneer in the development and maintenance of monitoring technologies, operation and analysis of wind farms and has more than 20 years of experience in this field. Currently, its technology monitors more than 11 GW of wind power distributed worldwide. Ingeteam, thanks to its experience as a leading independent supplier of key turbine components and specialized services in operation and maintenance, has developed and incorporated advanced algorithms based on artificial intelligence into its Control center platform. These functions provide the system with predictive functionality and allow the optimization of wind farm performance thanks to the early detection of abnormal behavior.

In addition, the company, present in the Aztec country since 1998, has established itself as the undisputed leader in the Mexican renewables sector, both wind and photovoltaic. Ingeteam is the first company in the country to provide operation and maintenance services with almost 2 GW of wind power maintained, which means being responsible for the maintenance of 49% of the total installed power in Mexico and the number one in the supply of power electronics with almost 2 GW.