MidAmerican Energy Completes Beaver Creek & Prairie Wind Farms In Iowa Totaling 338 Megawatts

MidAmerican Energy Company announced this week that it had completed two new wind farms in the state of Iowa totalling 338 megawatts, both of which are part of the mammoth 2 gigawatt Wind XI economic development project announced in early 2016.

MidAmerican Energy announced on Monday that it had completed the 170 megawatt (MW) Beaver Creek wind farm in Boone and Greene counties and the 168 MW Prairie wind farm in Mahaska County and that both projects had begun generating electricity. Together, the two farms — which were announced together back in January of 2017 — generate enough electricity to meet the equivalent of more than 140,000 Iowa homes.

“We’re committed to providing reliable service and outstanding value to our customers, and wind energy accomplishes both,” said Mike Fehr, vice president of resource development at MidAmerican Energy. “Wind energy is good for our customers, and it’s an abundant, renewable resource that also energizes the economy.”

Both projects are part of the Wind XI commitment that the company announced back in April of 2016, which would see MidAmerican Energy invest $3.6 billion to build 2 gigawatts worth of new wind power in Iowa.

MidAmerican Energy said at the time. “We don’t know of another US energy provider that has staked out this 100% position. Our customers want more renewable energy, and we couldn’t agree more. Once the project is complete, we will generate wind energy equal to 85% of our annual customer sales in Iowa, bringing us within striking distance of our 100% renewable vision.”

The Wind XI development project is a key part of MidAmerican Energy’s commitment to generating 100% of its electricity from renewable energy sources for all its Iowan customers. Currently, the company expects that renewable energy generation will account for more than 90% of its customers annual electricity usage by 2020.