IRENA welcomes Brazil’s decision to seek membership of the Agency

Director-General Adnan Z. Amin has welcomed Brazil’s decision to initiate the process of joining the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). The Brazilian Government notified the Agency that it is commencing the formal procedure of accession to become a full Member of the Agency.

“Brazil’s decision to seek IRENA’s membership reflects the country’s strong commitment to multilateralism and sustainable energy. A pioneer in bioenergy and one of the leaders in wind and hydro in Latin America, Brazil has a vast, diverse and growing renewable energy portfolio which positions it to play a key role in the global energy transformation.” said Adnan Z. Amin, IRENA Director-General.

“Renewable energy will not only help meet Brazil’s energy demand, but will also power economic growth and create employment opportunities. We look forward to Brazil’s active engagement with the Agency. The country’s rich experience and innovative policies to accelerate renewable energy deployment are of great value to international cooperation. At the same time, knowledge sharing and exchange of best practices through IRENA’s global and inclusive platform will support Brazil’s efforts to achieve a sustainable energy future,” added Mr. Amin.

The country’s Minister of Mines and Energy, Mr. Fernando Coelho Filho, said: “Brazil is very happy to start the process of joining IRENA. The country is one of the best examples of the substantial role renewables play in both the energy and electricity matrixes and of policy innovation for their development. As a participant in IRENA, Brazil will be able to actively take part in the debate of the most relevant topics in the global energy agenda, as well as to benefit from the tools and knowledge base developed by the Agency. I am convinced Brazil will significantly contribute to, and benefit from, IRENA and its member countries.”

While hydropower continues to dominate its power generation mix, Brazil is also emerging as a solar and wind energy powerhouse. The country was the world’s fifth-fastest growing wind market, and the ninth largest in the world with more than 11 gigawatts (GW) installed. It has a target of 24GW by 2024.

IRENA is actively contributing to the Biofuture Platform, a multi-stakeholder initiative led by Brazil for the promotion of bioenergy.

With Brazil starting the accession process, IRENA is nearing universal membership with 181 countries and the European Union engaged in its work.