Wind energy in Argentina: production of wind towers of SICA

Esperanca company SICA is carrying out the construction of a new factory for the production of wind turbines that will generate 250 direct and indirect jobs.

The owner of the company, Jorge Simonutti, said that there is another project for Esperanza with a Spanish company in another area.

Simonutti said that “the project of the wind towers is going well, and although the inclemencies of the time delay a little the works is very advancing”. In this regard, estimated that “by the end of the year or mid-January has to be working full”.

The company esperancina is carrying out the construction of a new ship for the manufacture of wind mills that will generate 250 jobs, direct and indirect. It is worth remembering that SICA reached an agreement with the Spanish companies TecnoAranda and Haizea Wind to manufacture wind towers from the end of this year in the city of Esperanza.

This modern line of towers manufacturing is located in the industrial estate of SICA, with capacity to produce 130 annual towers, in a first stage, and the possibility of climbing to 200 towers a year, if the market so required.

“When seeing the work that is being done I never imagined such a thing, but the results are given; thanks to the trajectory, a line of conduct and the accompaniment of many people are now seeing the fruits, “said the businessman esperancino.

He added that “there is another project with a Spanish company in another area” and although he did not give more details he said that it will be “for Esperanza”. “They give themselves the opportunities and if you do not get into the car when it happens, then it’s late; and you have to take advantage of it because it is good for the city and for the people because it generates work, “he said.

The companies

SICA Metalúrgica Argentina SA was the first manufacturer of wind towers in Argentina in 2011, and has more than 30 years of experience in the heavy equipment and pressure vessels market for the Gas and Oil industry, with International Certifications and exporting its products to more than 15 countries.

TecnoAranda S.L. is a leading company in the manufacture of wind towers in Spain, with a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in the province of Burgos, which produces 400 annual towers, exporting its total capacity to countries in Europe, Africa and America.

Haizea Wind leads – together with TecnoAranda – a project for the construction of an offshore wind farm in the port of Bilbao that will be able to produce, from March 2018, 180 large annual towers for the booming marine wind market European.