RTsys deploys acoustic buoys in Europe

Buoys equipped with acoustic recorders are used to evaluate the level of noise on wind farms in Germany. Calculation in real time, proposed by RTsys, has been very successful.

A species of porpoise endemic to the German coast is very sensitive to sound waves, because this species mainly uses its hearing to position itself. In order to avoid disturbing its natural habitat, German legislation imposes a maximum sound level that must not be exceeded, especially in offshore wind farms.

Since 2014, RTsys has been providing buoys equipped with acoustic recorders, which analyse data in real time. These buoys are based on underwater acoustic recommendations and standards. Thanks to this way of working, innovative technology developed by RTsys is now recognised and authorised by German authorities. Users on offshore wind farms therefore have a tool to manage construction work, enabling them to make quick and reliable decisions.

Three years after the initial tests were carried out, RTsys acoustic buoys are now used on many offshore wind farms throughout North West Europe. Within the context of renewable marine energy development, the reliability of its products and real-time monitoring has been very successful.

For more information, please visit: http://rtsys.eu