WindEurope discusses how better weather and climate forecasting leads to smarter power system management

WindEurope CEO Giles Dickson addressed the fourth International Conference on Energy and Meteorology in Bari, Italy on 26 June

This event discussed how the energy industry and the meteorological sector could enhance their collaboration, exchange further knowledge and develop tailored products and services for renewable energies.

Dickson highlighted the common interests between wind and meteorology: “with higher shares of wind power in the system, the need for better energy-demand management and balancing services is likely to increase.” Dickson added that the development of more accurate longer-term forecasts for wind generation could facilitate the integration of wind power and provide a stronger predictability of wind assets. “Further integrating environmental and climate information in energy management operations can only benefit the wind industry. Accurate and precise forecasting can help wind farm owners to manage their plants more efficiently, to better plan for maintenance and get the best price for their energy.”

Here, Dickson noted that “the industry needs to further develop advanced and reliable forecasts at fleet, electrical grid node and regional level and the only way of doing it cost-effectively is through digitalisation. Digitalisation of energy services as well as sector coupling are two major opportunities for increasing the market share of wind power and I strongly believe that meteorology has a crucial role to play in helping our industry to thrive.”