Five tips to have a fantastic first WINDPOWER

Next week I head to Anaheim, Cal. for my first WINDPOWER Conference!

As part of AWEA’s conference team, I’ve had a front row seat to the incredible hard work that goes into this event. And as a marketing staffer, part of my job is to ensure the public knows about the conference and the dozens of opportunities available to attendees designed to help them grow their business. Even after months of planning, an event of this magnitude can leave a first-time attendee like myself feeling like I might be missing something important.

After connecting with colleagues, I’ve collected a few great tips that I thought would help guide other first- timers.

  1. You can never have too many business cards. Everyone I have spoken with has underestimated the number of quality contacts they would meet at WINDPOWER. That’s a great problem to have, so I’ll be packing as many business cards for WINDPOWER as possible.
  2. Wind 101 pre-conference seminar and educational sessions are key. As North America’s largest gathering of wind energy professionals, WINDPOWER’s educational sessions provide unprecedented access to industry experts and critical knowledge. Pre and post conference seminars are great ways to customize a first-timer’s learning experience.
  3. Schedule as many meetings as possible in advance, and don’t forget to update your calendar to Pacific Standard Time! Once onsite, people will be plugged into meetings, education sessions and networking events. Mapping out an agenda in advance helps maximize networking onsite and increases the number of valuable face to face connections. The AWEA Mobile App has made introductions easier than ever.
  4. Speaking of the AWEA Events Mobile App, it’s amazing!  It took me five minutes to create a profile, check out the sessions, and find networking events and exhibitors I needed to get in touch with. My agenda is already mapped out, and the seamless integration with email contacts is a game-changer. Start networking now!
  5. Networking, networking, networking. We all attend conferences to make important connections, but let’s face it, meeting thousands of new people can feel awkward, especially as a first-time attendee. So AWEA has made this super simple. Morning runs, the Beyond the Booth Challenge and Opening Reception at Angel Stadium are just a few of the unique and fun ways to engage with industry peers and leadership. I can’t say I’ve ever done business in a batting cage, but sign me up!

It’s an exciting time for wind energy with new developments constantly unveiled, and so it’s important for us to learn the latest while coming together at WINDPOWER. I look forward to connecting next week, and be sure to come by the AWEA Booth and say hello!