Ceará has potential of 80 GW of wind energy

Ceará can become a giant in wind power generation if it can realize its full potential. This is indicated by preliminary data from an unprecedented study by Vestas, a Danish company considered one of the largest in the world in the production of wind turbines.

Denmark’s Vestas has released preliminary data on an unprecedented study on Ceará’s wind potential. According to the survey, the State has 80 GW of accumulated wind potential at speeds in excess of 7.0 m / s. However, according to the company, only 3% of this total (2.6 GW) are in operation or contracted.

Vestas states that the state’s wind potential was raised from the wind resource analysis conducted by SiteHunt software, developed by the company to provide an overview of wind resources in a specific continent, country or region.

Adão Linhares, vice president of the Renewable Energy Sector Chamber, believes that the document can make Ceará return to the top of its investments in wind energy generation. “It induces the entrepreneurs to observe better the power of the State, besides updating diverse technical conditions”, it points out. One of the changes is the height of the wind towers, that in the years of 2000 reached 50 meters. Today, the value jumped to 100 meters.

Vestas closed last year with 371 MW contracted in wind energy in Brazil, the company’s 8th largest market in firm contracts. The company celebrates the balance sheet for the quarter. Revenue reached a record € 1.885 billion – an increase of 29% when compared to the first quarter of 2016. Revenues and cash flow also rose.

According to the company, order intake remains stable, with 2,049 MW in the quarter. Already orders for future delivery of wind turbine and services reached 20 billion euros. Alleged increase of 2 billion compared to the first quarter of 2016.