German Wind Farm Developper VSB receives ISO certification

The high quality planning and realization of renewable energy projects at VSB meets all the requirements of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Certification by the auditing body Intertek in March 2017 enabled VSB to reach yet another milestone in its consequent striving for customer oriented project development and service provision.

With the commissioning of a wind or solar farm, many years of preparation come to an end. Countless workflows and procedures engage together, and many crucial decisions need to be made that influence both quality and profitability of a project. For this reason, VSB elected to implement a quality management system and to receive third party certification. “Our keen sense of professionalism is thereby visibly confirmed to our customers and partners. In so doing, we strengthen our case for long-lasting collaboration” says Markus Brogsitter, Managing Director of VSB Neue Energien Deutschland GmbH.

Aspiring towards quality in every stage of every project

In a complex adaption procedure that stretched over various months, organizational structures, interfaces and workflows have been listed, optimized and aligned within the requirements of the ISO 9001. For daily work, this means a clear assignment of responsibilities, a binding procedural structure, and a systematic and permanent documentation of knowledge. In terms of competitiveness, the certificate yields a vital edge; along with good support and custom-made services, investors and service clients always expect transparency at all stages of the project. “Introducing a management system exactly meets these needs and strongly underpins customer relations,” explains Thomas Fuß, Team Leader Sales at VSB. Published in 2015, the latest revision of the ISO 9001 stressed the importance of customer orientation even more clearly. Furthermore, aspects vital for commercial success, such as long-term planning, risk management and supplier quality, have now received greater emphasis. “The certificate is our yardstick for constant improvement. We are now well equipped for future challenges,” Fuß adds.

ISO 9001 certification is voluntary and requires a successful auditing procedure. The certificate confirms that VSB fulfils the required standards of modern quality management systems. Follow-up audits on an annual basis ensure that these standards continue being met in everyday practice.

Not only are all operational offices in Germany certified; the French subsidiary VSB Énergies Nouvelles has been a holder of the ISO 9001:2015 certificate since December 2016.

VSB, with headquarters in Dresden, is one of the leading European developers in the renewable energy industry. The core business is the international project development of wind and photovoltaic farms and a comprehensive planning service provision. Since 1996 VSB has commissioned more than 450 wind energy and photovoltaic plants with approx. 840 megawatt of installed capacity and an investment volume of about 1.3 billion euros. The corporate group and the affiliated companies is supported by more than 200 employees.